Friday, August 6, 2010

August = The End?

Since When did the Beginning of August mean that it's the End of Summer? You getting that feeling too? Man, it's like everything that I wanted to do never was accomplished? [sniff, sniff] It's like Jan1 all over again...[tear] Just kidding though. I got a lot done this summer, and so did God. Man that few months was rough. I almost turned away at one point. But He carried me out and provided me what I needed. He never left, like I somehow always knew.

STILL, I would have liked to read more, ran more, biked more, saw more friends, worked more, blah Blah BLAH. Summer motivation is sick and not getting much better, ha. Still, I am ready to get my internship going and my life on track. I am still not sure if I want life to begin, but I know God will be there and so will my outstanding friends. They are so righteous! I love them so much. One came to the U.S., one came from OH, MI, IN, etc. They are the best.

Still I have the most amazing times ahead of me, and I can't wait. This is what makes my summer GOLD. In a few days, my buddy that I counseled with at SpringHill Camps is coming out and I could be more SIKED!! I haven't seen him in over a couple years. Then it's off to MI or Michigan with my best friend for 7 days of doing whatever we want at a Cabin...Then it's over a week traveling to Colorado for a wedding with some of the best guys I have ever known: My flatmates from Calvin College. Right after the wedding is over, we roadtrip it back to IL where I get ready for my senior year at Aurora University...the next day, ha.

This summer has been more than I could imagine. More has gone on in it than I could possibly put into a self-aware blog. These are some words that sum summer up chronologically: disappointment, excitement, relief, relax, laptop, anticipation, motivation, bored, fun, work, money, aches, rest, camping, water, pain, healing, celebrations, trains, thoughts, revelations, and writing and church throughout. It's not over yet. Do life people. Peace.

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Brittany Engebretsen said...

Gosh, I know just what you mean. I had all of these fabulous plans for summer, and then the laziness kicked in... oh well. I guess summer is a time to relax as well, and I KNOW I accomplished THAT goal! I even wrote a blog post about my summer goals. I got some of them done... but oi... the plans I had... there just never seems to be enough summer. Enjoy the little bit left! :)