Monday, October 18, 2010

Month of Writing

Hello all.

I am dedicating next month as "Month of Writing." During said month I will be posting a blog about every other day on average. The reason behind this stems from last years traffic on my page. A year go, November 3rd, I stated to my audience that in this particular month, I was going to be, quote, "writing a bit less because I am studying." I turned out to write almost every day. I will make it a tradition to do such when this time of the year comes around.

I feel that I wrote as much as I did because it was the hardest and most stressful time of the year. When I am stressed or emotionally compromised, I write. I express. It's just what I do. that you know, expect more writings for the INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF WRITING EXTRAVAGANZA. Peace.


1 comment:

Brittany Engebretsen said...

Exciting times. I will look forward to your fantastic, thought-provoking posts. Bring 'em on!