Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Top List of Things I’ll Miss About Having A Man Beard

  1. Stroking the beard/fiddling with it when I’m pondering
  2. Catching things that fall out of my mouth
  3. Looking older
  4. Being able to hang things off my face
  5. Keeping my Chin warm
  6. Beard + Pipe = Cool
  7. Beard + Plaid Shirt = Awesome
  8. Lumberjack Impersonations
  9. Looking like a Viking
  10. Looking like a Pirate
  11. Feeling closer to my German Heritage
  12. Hiding Facial Imperfections
  13. Making Fun Designs e.g., Wolverine Chops, FuManChu, Creeper Stache, Goatee, Soul Patch
  14. Saving money on razors
  15. Keeping me Single
If you are wondering what this list is about, I think you know. the beard will be coming down within
the next month. Hilarity will follow.

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this thought said...

Rubbing it on people when you hug them.