Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100th Post.

Ladies and Gents. Boys and girls. Moms, Dad's, Grandfathers, and Grandmoms... my 100th Blog Post.

I figured that I would want to throw some words on this page as it is my ONLY post is September. Times are tough people. Alright, super fast update...Chronologically...Ready...Set....GO!

Starting Internship, University classes begin, much reading, much papers, projects for my church (TheEdge), small group, Eating very good food, Talking to David Goodwin about the most epic weekend of my life, Going to Cincinnati, Renaissance festival, hoffbreau house, video games, more epic food, leaving ohio, internship, class, my birthday, internship, class, lazy weekend, lazy Sunday...NOT!!!, LAUNCH SUNDAY FOR OUR CHURCH!!, sleep 16 hours, more reading zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, more internship, whooooooooooo, David Goodwin gets engaged to Jenn Bosma!, more class + internship, more eating and sleepingzzzzzzzzzzzz, talks with David about coming back to Ohio for the Highland Games, Ester Peters gets engaged the same day that Jeremiah and Sarah get engaged, feelings of loneliness, hahaha, just kidding, more papers, small group, dinners, late night movies, aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd, in the internship office writing a blog, DONE!!!!

See that wasn't so hard, stop whining. You sound like a squirrel thats been punted. come on people.

So I'm in the office, and decided to write this blog, hope you're happy, ha. This weekend I embark BARK BARK BARK, on a crazy journey to the Omazing Ohio. There...many things will happen to me. David Goodwin, my newly engaged friend, will be embarking BARKING, with me on this journey into AWESOMENESS, or Jungle Jims, either one. Prepare yourself....for awesomeness. Seriously, if you haven't been to Jungle Jim's, get on that, whats wrong with you?

Anyway, this is the Fall edition of Leave Smarter, and you've just been filled in. BOOM!


Brittany Engebretsen said...

1) You are a spastic psycho
2) However, I approve of this
3) You totally stole the "Ready, Set, Go" thing from my post on updating people... just sayin...
4) It's okay. I forgive you and take it as flattery.
5) Great, amusing post; keep them comin'!

They call me Red said...

Um...the ready set go was not stolen. I don't steal. thank you for forgiving me, but it is not necessary, ha.

Thanks for the comment, and for seeing my inner spaz