Friday, October 8, 2010

Technology Sucks. Yeah, YOU HEARD ME!!

So, to type this blog post is to enter into irony, but whatever, I need to get it off my chest.

Technology SUCKS!

Story Time.
One day (today) a man named Erich was on his computer and decided he wanted to check out some youber tubers. He clicked onto and started to sign in. The password wasn't accepted anymore as the Googles were trying to cut back on the amount of passwords going around and de-clutter everything. This perplexed Erichk. Erickk began to try and sign into his youber tuber account, as many important preferences and saved themes, not to mention all of his work via youtube, was on that channel he was so desperately trying to sign into.

So He went from one forum to the other, changing passwords, un-linking accounts, and other various unimportant things. At a certain moment in time, Erikh began to get pretty aggravated. Lets just say it was comparable to this: ( He began to cuss out the computer, which is rare, cause he loves his Macintoshes. His anger began to rise to a volcano like level. He began to get red in the face. He could feel it rising up within him. He was going to do something bad! Breathe......breathe.......breathe......He calms himself down. Takes a bathroom break. Comes back. Round 2. Erickhg searches for a contact email to tell youtuber about his problem. One does not exist. Immediately: (

Erickhhcc is now going completely mental and decides that he is just going to leave at the mercy of the incompetent and completely demented Googlers (who owns the youtubes if you didn't know) and go to his internship.

On the way, Arich thinks about his outbreak, which is rare for him to go nuts over anything, and came to a very interesting conclusion...

WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!?! That, to anyone watching, would have been completely dumb, idiotic and pointless. How stupid of me to be so emotional over technology. Was youtube going to cure cancers worldwide? Was youtube going to offer me a job?? Was youtube going to Help the Helpless?!? DID YOUTUBE DIE FOR MY SINS?!!?!?!!?!!?!?! NOOOOOOO!!

My freakout, because that is exactly what it was, told me just this: Technology, as cool as it is, should never rule you and your mind. This is what The Terminator taught me anyway. But seriously people, think about it: Why do we freakout when twitter goes down? Why is it when facebook goes under maintenance, or asks people about new changes, DO PEOPLE GO MONKEY BANANAS!?!?! Why is it that the iPhone 4 made people cry in their sleep? People, we cannot become so dependent on technology that it becomes our life. Let me say that again: we cannot become so dependent on technology that it becomes our life. There is a whole life out there people, open your beautiful eyes, breathe in through your very unique nostrils, feel with your one of a kind fingerprints, know that life is about more than what we own, or what is on the screen. People, there is a God who loves you, and if we detached from our computer screens, tv screens, cell phone screens for one second and take a look at a sunset, tell someone you love them, hug a friend, HIS LOVE WILL FILL YOU. Be blessed people.

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