Monday, August 23, 2010

The Broadtrip

The start of this BROadtrip was epically awesome. I will have pictures to back, but for now you will just have the imaginative words of my mouth for imagery. Boom.

So Dan and Tyler came and picked Corbin and myself up at my residence and on we went. It. Was. On. The highway was our...highway. Much tune-age was in progress and AWESOMENESS insued.

When we passed over the Mississippi River, we stopped and checked out the Riverside. Well. It was as boring as you might have thought, ha. There was a giant propeller, like on the big River Boats....that was about it.

We got back on the road and played a game where we stuck our heads out of the car for 5 miles. Just a heads up, awesome game.

Iowa is turning out to be a very, well, surprisingly "not boring" state. I totally thought it was going to be a "Nebraska" of roadtrips. Not the case, more of an...Iowa. Yeah.

So we mapped out a Motel 6 with an indoor pool but no breakfast. Yeah, we passed by it. Fail. So instead of going back, we just kept going and tried to find another place to stay. Turns out we hit jackpot with a hole called, "Rodeside Inn" that is the same price as Motel 6, only it has a breakfast. And it was around EVERYTHING. Yeah, we rock.

So now I'm off to eat that breakfast and rock it out until I burst, so we dont have to stop and fill up on eats. Mmmmm. Peace yall.

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To follow as a consequence or result -or- To take place subsequently are definitions of ensued.
Sincerely, Arby