Monday, February 15, 2010

Clean Car, White as Snow [2.14.2010]

Today, I was looking at my car as I got into it and I said, "Oh my Gosh. It's time for you to get cleaned...seriously." So I took my car to the Car Wash, paid the lady, drove up to the line, entered my code, and put my car in Neutral. Then I flipped on my tunes to Church Music by: David Crowder--song, "How He Loves Us." As my car began to stroll into the Car wash, I began to hear the lyrics of the song, and think about the filth on my car being washed away.

I began to think to myself...this is what forgiveness is. It is as easy and as fast as getting a wash for your car. Now when I say that my car was filthy, I mean, I couldn't see out the windows. Yeah. So as the windows began to clear away, and I pulled out of the car wash.........and I was able to see out of the windows, and it was SO CLEAR, and the lyrics, "Oh, how he loves us, how he loves us...oh.---I began to weep. I pulled the car over and just let the song and holy spirit take over me. I began to cry out to God, "THANK YOU GOD! YOU LOVE ME!! YOU DIED FOR ME!" And was easily the most enjoyable experience I have had in months.

Thank God for His love for you today. In a day where love means chocolate and hallmark cards...make it about Jesus.

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