Monday, November 24, 2008

Through Good and Bad?!

Praise God for whom all blessings flow. Praise the God who gives and takes away. You are Holy O God. Great is your faithfulness. 

Praises. How often do we give praise to God? Sunday? Saturday? Wednesday? When times are good? When you are blessed? When the cubs win the World Series? When? 

It is quite the thing to think about, praise. I feel that he deserves more than we give, but we don't feel right giving it in certain times. Bad times? REALLY?! Yes. Read the Bible. Believe it or not, he will work in you, no matter what times you are going through. The path may not be so "well lit," but he is there, ready for you to give up and lean on his faithfulness. He is sure to come-through. He is something to rely on when you need something firm and foundational. 

So how do we praise Him in the morning, praise him in the noon-time, praise him when we are young and when we are old? Habit, mostly. You start. The more you do it, the easier it will start to get for you. You will, I am sure of it, start to see the radiance in your relationship with God when you begin to revere Him, and thank Him. Go see for yourself today. Get into, not only the word, but into worship. Praise His Name. To quote a well known song..."So praaaaaaaaaaise His Holy Name. As long as I'm alive, I'll glorify His Holy name, Holy name."

Love and Peace to you.


Worship Intern said...

So praaaaaaaaaise his holy name. Oh the memories.

This speaking through facebook and blooger is not enough. I miss your face.


They call me Red said...

Visit me! My work prisons me!!!

Worship Intern said...

Okay... I may just have to do that. I do need some Apple supplies. ;)

They call me Red said...