Friday, February 19, 2010

Death to the Pear

Today was a good day. Today was filled with passion, filled with a Love reaction, coupled with a strange attraction to this satisfaction with Idols. They're in our lives and we don't know they're there, unaware of the disgusting affair, between God and a Pear? Sounds stupid, but I swear, we'd place the Pear above God, just like we do with an iPod, or maybe you're loving that new hotrod. Whatever the case, it's a disgrace, flat out. It's time to chase, the only one who can give us space between those things in our lives that try to replace the face of God, the one who can erase EVERYTHING you've done, it's time to embrace the Holy one. He gives grace to you, His son. daughter, sister, mother, father, brother, there is no other. So lay down what you put before God and kill once and for all, this ridiculous facade.

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