Saturday, January 9, 2010

Words, words, words

Your beauty is everywhere. It breathes like a gust from the coast, like a song with the most, it covers all worth to boast. Your beauty stretches across the skies, beyond the rolling waves, past the gull she flies. This word that describes, it works and it tries–failing to capture all that you are, like trying to say you’re as bright as a star…the justice is lost when you’re not near but far. Words, words, words, I wrap them in a gift, like emotion still badly needing to sift, through holes in your hands they fall o’ so swift, how do I convey that a sunrise causes my heart to skip. In awe here I stand, wondering how you worked this all with your hand, it’s the absolute farthest thing from bland, standing here…I’m just a speck of sand. Words, words, words are all that they are, strokes of your brush, hush from afar…

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