Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starting anew, starting now.

Well, I just came back from Passion2010 and I am pretty happy. the illation is due to the level that I know my God at. Finding out who God truly is and what he has for me brings me joy. Finding out that he is a Jealous God and he wants my praise brings me joy. Finding that passion that has been within me all along brings me joy. My bliss is only matched to the God I serve. I can only imagine how happy he is that I am starting to live more for Him now. And I know you think it’s a hype you get with a conference…there is that. It exists, and I know it. Eventually, I will come down from the high. But what if I don’t? What if I make it my goal to not release the high from my life? What if instead I replace my character with the character of Christ and start living as he did? What if I DO THAT! Think about it. I don’t have to return to my mediocre, life of sin. I don’t have to sleep in all day and waste precious time that I could spending with God. I don’t have to replace other things with the Love of Christ – which fills ALL gaps in my life. I don’t HAVE to. Who says I do? So now I am going off to do some errands, talk with God on the way, and kick some fellowship tail with the God most High.

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