Monday, December 28, 2009

My Weekend

So, This is what happened. Friday I went to work. During work, my battery died on my phone. It is now that I realize that I did not grab the address off the phone for the dinner with the Carstons (friends from church) at the hotel. I also realized that I was under dressed and dropped $120 on pants, shoes and a belt. I charge my phone a bit at the verizon store at woodfield, printed directions, and headed off to the party. My battery died again on the way there. I partied all night and then hung out with the guys. I slept at Dan free's house because I had AV (audio/visual) Room the next morning. Woke up, did AV room, hung out with people till youth group, helped out at youth group. At youth group, we sleded the whole time and had hot chocolate at the end. Then Jenn was leaving for Europe tomorrow and was having a get together at a friends tonight. So I decided to head over there, stay a bit and then head back home. Well. I got directions from Jenn on how to get to the house...and they were sketchy. I got kinda lost, and stuck behind a train that stayed on the tracks, blocking the intersection I needed to go through...FOR 20 MINUTES. Meanwhile I am praying the entire time cause I have no phone, and weird directions, every road I take has detours to take due to construction...I'm getting worn out at this point. I'm stopping at every Citgo Gas Station along the way asking for directions to help me get to where I want to go, but at 10PM, they closed, so I was on my own. By God's grace, I found a landmark that I was supposed to look for, followed that to the house and then decided it would be best if I stayed at Jenn's for the night. Justin, a friend who is also going with Jenn and her class to the Interum trip to Europe, was going to stay at Jenn's house too. This brings me to now, where I am typing out this blog entry, comfy at my home and totally content with life. god blesses and he takes, but today he blesses. How was your weekend?

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