Thursday, March 6, 2008

The proverbial melt
we all felt
the flowing minutes
the river stream of time
oh the sublime line of time

Buds anew
from the dew
EXPLODE with anticipation
the green, the pink, the beautiful
suddenly I begin to fall

Question the fixation
that we have with sensations
as pollen enters asthmatically
growth spoke loud
spring throws off winter's shroud

Cool breeze, hits my knees, with the ease to move trees, I just want it to please--warm up, my body from the bottom to the top, don't let it stop, I need this plot to continue.
It's coming, you hear it clearly, its not coming so easily, all I do is plea, that the growth would break free, enter into me.
Blossuming fauna, the aroma is a sauna, to every trauma, winter held-spelled-told-controlled-filled and killed.
The new day, overcame the dark, clouds part.

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