Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zombies? Yes. I think I shall.

So Saturday was great. Besides wasting half of the day around doing homework, ha. No, but it was good. It was a normal day of relaxing and enjoying the freedom of the great day called Saturday.

After homework though, we headed to Johnny's to grab a snack for the movie we were going to watch. We had decided that since we had already seen the second zombie movie--Resident Evil-Apocalypse, then we might as well see the third one, Resident Evil-Evolution. This was a movie packed with blood, zombies bitting people, making them into zombies, shooting zombies, taming zombies, and just plain zombies. It was okay, but for those squeamish to blood and zombies popping out of no where to scare you, I wouldn't recommend it. After that, we headed into The Cody Cove to talk some more, cause thats what men on 1st Boer do...we talk deep. yeah-you wish your floor did.

For what it's worth, I am so blessed with the guys that God has sent me. I will not only never forget them, but will never forget what I have learned from them. Thank You God for them and thank you for lighting my path.

Peace and Love to you guys


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