Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ode to the Man we Lost

Last night we lost another good man to the bonds of matrimony. Okay, so he just asked her to marry him, but WE STILL LOST HIM! Last night, we tailed Mike Bosscher and his girlfriend Valaree around Grand Rapids, taking pictures everywhere they went. We went into coffee shops and parks, nature preserves and the actual house where he was proposing in. It was crazy stealthy, and I don't think that they ever saw us. We also were there as a certain moral support--being a physical presence wherever he was.

The whole night was great. We got some good pictures, but alot of bad ones, haha. After that I went into Ben Dykstras room and Nikki, Erica, and Dan Prins were in there. We just played on the accoustic and mellowed out--making up songs and just fooling around. It was a great night. was bitter sweet.....because..we lost Mike. Farewell Mike, we knew you well.


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