Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shaken Up

Today, in DeKalb, Illinois, a young man opened fire in the campus of Northern Illinois University. Five people were helicopter rescued and taken to the hospital. The thing is, my sister was right there when it all went down. She was coming out of the building early for a class and heard something that sounded like gun shots. She kept going, thinking that it was weird that she had thought just a few days ago how strange it would be to have a shooting at her campus. Suddenly Nicole heard screaming. Then she saw people running out of the building. She asked a guy coming out what was happening. He said that someone was shooting inside of the building! Then my sister saw a severely shaken girl come out of the building saying that a professor, who was bleeding out of his arm, told her and the others to get out Now!

My sister was fine. I thanked God that minute when I talked with her on the phone. She was shaken up. She couldn't believe that this happened. She was right there! Thank you God for your wings of protection. God, I don;t know what I would have been able to do if she was hurt or killed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

People. Pray for the victims and their families right now. They need that prayer. That small prayer of comfort and care. Thank you

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Jage said...

wow that's insane. it's weird to know someone who was actually there..i'm glad she's alright