Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Naps, and GoldieLocks

Ahhh, the feeling of the mid afternoon nap. Yet to my knowledge is there a force that makes you feel as refreshed as a pile of snow hitting you square in the face. I was sleeping all through Art History today, and I felt terrible. After it--I clicked my heels back to my "no place like home" and plopped for a good hour. I had to set an alarm otherwise I would have been even more drowsy later. So I wake up, and I feel ready to take over the WORLD!! Muahaha ha.....ha....yeah, so naps are something I am seriously considering for my permanent schedule.

In other news, I was chosen along with two others to complete a mission. i chose to accept it, so that it wouldn't blow up in my face.....................okay, lame. Anyway, so the mission was to follow our fellow RA around and take pictures of him and his girlfriend. Why you may query??? Because he is going to freaking PROPOSE!!! We follow him around town for the whole night and snap them in ice rinks, on the streets, and finally in the house where he is going to serenade her. It feels slightly like that game, Splinter Cell because we are sneaking around all over the place and we can't be seen! It is a highly dangerous mission that we so code-named, GoldieLocks, but we are willing to lay down our lives for the cause. I'm pretty stoked!

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