Friday, November 6, 2009

Most Emotional Disney Songs of ALL Time

  1. When she Loved me–Toy Story 2
  2. Colors of the Wind–Pocahontas
  3. You’ll be in my Heart–Tarzan
  4. Circle of Life–Lion King
  5. Strangers Like Me–Tarzan
  6. Go the Distance–Hercules
  7. Two Worlds–Tarzan
  8. Part of Your World–The Little Mermaid
  9. I Will Go Sailing No More–Toy Story
  10. Deliver Us–Prince of Egypt (I know it was a Dreamworks Picture, but I thought it was sick awesome. This song is technically an honorable mention, but if it were a Disney song, it would be # 1 on an emotional scale, not a classic scale.)

Side note: If you see a lot of Tarzan, It’s because it is my favorite “Complete” soundtrack out of all the Disney films. As you can tell, I like many Disney songs, but As a whole I like this one the best. Also, the honorable mention, “Prince of Egypt” has some of the most emotional songs that I have ever heard, but is not Disney…still a great movie.


Beautiful Disaster said...
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They call me Red said...

Thank you for the correction on the song. Edited.