Friday, November 13, 2009

Internal Battle

Pitty weakness, the feeling inside of myself cannot be contained in one day. Overflow of emotion, decisions to be made.

Truth is above all forms of reason, with the season leaving, the choice can often be deceiving. Sometimes I feel I'm hard of seeing.

If I could just get passed the thick, trick the sick to leave for one second...maybe then this path might seem more destined.

Internal Battle, thats what I'll call it. The rhymes can only credit. The chimes can only transmit. Then why can I not commit?

Okay, read on into my deepest pleas. Try to delve into my soliloquies, watch my body as it drops to its knees--this is no tease.

I'm tearing in two, driving for You, want to redo, God make me new, show me how-to, how to pursue, your name a tattoo, I finally breakthrough.


There is more to the mind than one person can ever see on the surface, we need each other, this is a promise.


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