Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I thank God for this day

I thank God for this day. To often life fills over the top and we forget to do just that...thank Him. Do you think about it at all? All the hours that you don't talk to Him, all the time you could spend thanking Him? Think about how much better everything in between would be if you did. School, work, driving in traffic, dealing with someone aggravating, boredom, family issues, spouse issues, the doldrums of the day. Just think about you. Give things back to him. Today I was driving in my car, running a little bit late for work. The usual commute of blue skies and speedy cars. The boring scene of grey pavement passing beneath my tires and light poles wizzing by. Then a song came on the radio reminding me to thank God. A simple suggestion spurred by motivation to do just that. The next 20 minutes were spent thanking God for things in my life. Then a traffic jam hit me like a sucker-punch. WHAT!? Where did this come from. "Bad things will happen if I am late," I thought to myself. This was true as I was on final warning for attendance. Worried and confused as to what this jam was about, I prayed for God to get me through this. I was willing to do anything. 10 minutes to make it to work, with just about ten minutes of commute left, but the traffic continued. Desperate, I did some Italian Job maneuvering with my car and made it past the jam with 3 minutes left before my shift. I thanked God and ran into the building, clocked in, endured the day with a surprisingly good attitude, and clocked out ready to come back home for some exciting homework. It is in reflection that I can say that God tested me today, to see if I could give him the little things in life as well as the big things. I thank God for this day.

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