Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Grand, Rapid Travel

The travel shortens every time I decide to come. For reasons beyond emotions it never gets old, never gets cold, I'm always sold. The idea of sharing moments with friends, hoping that it never ends, time and time again. This city brings me joy and happiness like no other place, like a line I can trace, every street, every face, nothing can replace this more than special time in my life where both good and strife have marked my heart for good. So I keep up this routine, and travel through the gleam, through the rain and the sleet--rubbing on my feet--because this is apart of sets me free.


Someone said...

Awesome dude. It was almost a rap!

"Uh, tree

Yeah, rock.

Uh, free,

Yeah, sock."

How did you make this template, by the way?

They call me Red said...

How do you mean? The picture?

Dezarae Auvergne said...

I liked this. The poetry was really unique.