Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Words

The content today is not much, but I feel the weight of the speech is justified. I just want to bring it out that I love everything I can every say about my God. And when I say my God, I meant the God that I have gotten to know over my whole life. The same God that showed up into my life when I was a pimple ridden, over weight, 13 year old in the lonely place of my heart. This God is the same yesterday, today, and 10 years down the road when I have new problems on my plate. So what is this blog today? This is a shout out to my man in the sky. My Father in Heaven, who has my back everyday of the week, whose love heals all lacerations of my soul, whose grace doesn't make sense. Yeah, this may not relate to you in anyway and you may not get a word I am saying, but it isn't me who usually does the talking. I leave that to God. May his love speak to you in a way that no words could ever. Have a blessed day.

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