Sunday, April 25, 2010


This video is a LipDub video. An extremely hard, continuous shot, sing-along, phenomenon that has been traveling all over universities across the country. The Video consists of MANY people, all singing, dancing, and moving along, to the beat and SYNC of the song. Each person involved has about 2-5 seconds of screen time, so it is pretty "rapid-fire" pace.

So that's a lipdub UNIVERSITY EDITION.

Here are some lipdub's done by some universities:
Boston University:

Well, that brings me to the masterpiece that is LipDub CALVIN COLLEGE. I cannot say enough about this video. As I have said before, I have seen other LipDub videos, from other universities, and I'm sorry, but they have nothing on this video. The vocals are PERFECTLY synced in time, the ideas for different scenes are creative and funny, and the song is perfect. Beyond Amazing and I Loved every second of it.
This makes me proud to have gone to Calvin College. An amazing job done by everyone involved.

And without further adu, LipDub CALVIN COLLEGE EDITION:

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