Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please grasp this

Tonight was an eye and soul opening experience for myself. Tonight, we went through the Truth Project and delved into the relationships that exist within the trinity and ourselves. There is God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. THIS is what we know as the Trinity. The, All in One, Three persons, Trinity.

There are other relationships, like Father Mother, Children. Husband, Wife, Kids, etc. The Thing that was brought to my attentions was this...and I will eventually get to it in a

minute. We know, because the Bible says, that the Holy Spirit resides within us. This was something given to us. We learned about this long ago in sunday school, sunday service, and maybe even youth group. We have been told that this is incredible, but maybe we don't realize exactly why. The reason why....was made very clear to me tonight.

Please grasp this. The Trinity was, is and will always be. This thing is OLD! It has been around since Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and Paul the Apostle. It was around for the beginnings of our country, through the Industrial revolution and the depression. The Recessions and Presidencies. The trinity is GOD. THE TRINITY IS AWESOME. This is my point. This relationship, this amazing group of three.........................invited be apart of it. Me. Eric Peterson. I am invited to become apart of it.


Please grasp this. When we are now apart of this INCREDIBLE relationship, and we decide to choose other things...We whore ourselves. It may not be easy to hear. Its probably not an easy concepulaization. It is sure easier to say, "I just chose not to spend time with God." But when you know, when "we who are saved" know that We are apart of the greatest and most amazing relationship there has ever been, a relationship that was paid for with blood...A RELATIONSHIP THAT GOD SENT HIS SON TO DIE FOR. JESUS DIED SO THAT YOU MAY BE APART OF THIS TRINITARIAN RELATIONSHIP...when we know this...we are prostituting our time. Thats what it is. It's not pretty, but it's clear. THIS IS TRUTH. When we say, "You know what God, this really isn't doing it for me, I'm gonna go do something else with my time." I cannot help but think that God just sighs, and says, "Why?" HE GAVE IT ALL FOR THIS! We should feel Honor and reverence that God would even allow this relationship to happen. We are allowed to commune with the Christ, talk to God, and walk with the Holy Spirit wherever we go. If I were God, YOU ALL WOULD DRIVE ME CRAZY FOR NOT GETTING THIS!! Praise God that he is Loving, Patient, Kind, and Gracious. It got me. Deep. Please grasp this.

A Good friend of mine once said, "I don't go to my wife and say, 'Alright, lets get our 20 minutes. Lets get this done with.' No. And neither should it be with God. It is a relationship, just like mine with my wife. Only, it's the single greatest relationship we've ever been invited into."

Please grasp this. This entire experience made me realize why I EVER chose other things over the chance to invest myself in this relationship. It has forever changed the way I look and spend "my time," and how I view the beautiful thing that is the trinity, and how I am apart of it. pray always. Amen.

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