Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lies

In my anger, I make a post. Anger is a human emotion, jesus got angry, he just never sinned in it...neither am I.

Look. For you believers or non-believers out there, KNOW this. There is a Satan. He is trying to bring you farther away from God. One of his most affective weapons are lies. He will lie you up and down until you start believing that it's true.

Today I was going through the Truth Project with my small group and we were on tour 3. Today we talked about what evil is, and who is man. At the end of the session, we were talking about praise reports and prayer requests. After it was all over, I was there with my dad. I said to him,

"Makes you angry."

"What?," he said.

"The lies. It makes you furious at what it can do. Makes you hate him. We all know that there is a Satan and that he lies to us. But after going through that session and seeing lies pour out in tears from someones eyes...It makes me want to wage war."

Tonight, I saw one of my members cry. They cried over a lie. A lie that Satan was feeding them. They felt trapped, no hope, damaged self worth...and it all began to become more real. So real. Guys--it really pissed me off. For those who know me, I don't like getting angry about something. THIS...everyone listen...THIS is worth getting angry about. This is worth fighting over. The suffering that people are going through, feeling anxious, feeling stressed, feeling hopeless, FIGHT THAT! Pray for them, RIGHT then.

Everyone, This. Is. Real. his lies. are. real. They are breaking up families. They are splitting apart relationships. They are driving people away from GOD. It is breaking my heart. It is breaking. my. heart.

Please, start seeing the lies that he is feeding us. I urge you to start taking this seriously. Start getting angry at it.

Love you all. Peace


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