Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Love Will Find You In The End.

This is Maximum. The most. The best. Love at its greatest. Above the rest. Feelings of warmth, joy, bliss. Making sure you don't miss loves true kiss. The flutter within the cage of bones. Long hours, countless words exchanged on phones. This is the Maximum. The most. The best. You know it's real. It's in the chest. That gut reaction. The satisfaction. The feeling pushing you right into action. The nerves, the smiles, the pain, the trials. It makes you sick, like smelling turnstiles. This is the Maximum. The most. The best. Where true love can shine and push the test. Where two can share, sacrifice, invest. Where they defy all odds with passion and finesse. This is where beauty is beautiful and love is lovely. Where dinner and a movie means ice cream is likely. When the letter in the mail arrives o' so timely. This is where men search true love in the quest. When feelings are no longer so deeply suppressed. Where reason is abandoned and Love is professed. This is the Maximum. The most. The best.

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