Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Loot

Alright people, it can't be helped. I work at Apple, you all know that. Well, with the installation of new products by our wonderful company, I am geeking out beyond the point of aid....way past it. Let me introduce to you the new iMac line: The new iMac's have new displays that go all the way to the edge of the screen as well as SD card slots on the sides. Not to mention all the new KICK BUTT internal advancements that they have put into the iMac's.

What else is new?.....Introducing The Magic Mouse. Simply put: The Coolest Mouse on the Market....period. The Mouse is completely touch sensitive and is wireless. I am buying one on Thursday.

And finally, the new White Macbook. New durable unibody enclosure, improved 7 hour battery, new LED display, and now a Glass Multi-Touch trackpad like the Macbook Pros. STILL $999. How they managed to KEEP the price at $999, I have no idea.

So As you can not see, but read...I am jonesing over this new loot. Mac has been lightyears ahead of everyone for years and though there are haters out there, let them hate. One day every knee, okay, that started to sound pretty bad, so I'll stop there.


Someone said...

Very sweet. I am glad you're such a fan.

I'm definitely sending a link for your blog to Steve Jobs. He should know there's some killer advertisement out there for his materials and he should be paying for it.

By the way (and unfortunately completely, my sister got a blog.

Here's the link:

She wants to be a writer, among other things. You should check it out. It was just opened, however, so there isn't a whole lot yet.

They call me Red said...

Thanks man. I will check it out. Us writers got to stick together. You should definitely encourage her in that!