Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apples, pipes, and Battlefront

So today I found myself waking up to dusk--which I love, and the saddening reality that I must go to work today. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but sometimes its hard to juggle 5 balls. I was planning on doing my classwork today and my parents were counting on being able to use my car. Sorry Mom. I mixed up the days I was working. So at 2am yesterday I remembered that I was working at 9:45, thus waking up at 7:20. Don't think I am doing my hair for that whole time, I live an hour away from work...I'm working on changing that.

As I drive on my way to Apple I take in the rain as it splashes on my windshield and press play on my iPod. "All I Wanted" starts to play by Paramore. I have to say that this girl has some serious pipes! Her voice sounds so pure sometimes that it starts to drive emotions within me. So, is this a plugfor their new album Brand New Eyes? Yes. Go get it for $

Work passed quickly for the 7 hours I was there because I love what I do. I do. I help people with a product that I truly believe in and use everyday. It makes life easier when I do my "job." No crazies today at work. My usual came in today and we talked about Photography and gigs that he has done again for another half hour. Last shift we talked for a good hour and a half. Good man.

On my way back I slammed into much traffic and I was blessed to have been gifted and taught patience by my parents. For half of the ride back home, I prayed for some things going on in my life and for others. Then I put on the Paramore...good times. As I get home, I realize that I once again forgot to head out to my small group tonight as I get a call from Dan Becvar. I race to his place and as I do, I get bombarded by Lightning. I am in awe! It's the kind of lightning that makes your head hurt when you look at in. Brilliant God we serve.
As I get to Dan's, I find out that its guys night tonight, just a hang out. Sweet! So we lay back, chill and play us some Guitar Hero. Then I ask, "When are we going to invade the Empire?" and out comes the Battlefront. We play that EPICALLY till we get tired. A very good day coupled with class tomorrow = Awesomeness.

As I reflect on the day, as I am now, I can only deduct one thing: I have been blessed more than I can possibly know. I have a family, no matter how angry they get at me, I have a job, no matter if I didn't want to go today, I have food, or the ability to pay for it, I have a car, no matter the condition of it, I have friends, no matter how I treat them sometimes, I have a God, no matter how many times I forget Him. Blessed....beyond measure.

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