Monday, August 18, 2008

Back and Change

So, the time has come for another edition of me writing and you reading. I haven't been on in a while because I have been at a camp counseling kids at Springhill Camps. The time there was great. I can't go into everything that happened because that would take over an hour, ha, but I can say that it was impossible to deny the movement of god in that place. He was in everything and working in everyone. It was more than a blessing to see God handcrafting these kids everyday. At times it was hard to keep it going when the kids were less than responsive to the different kinds of messages God was trying to get into them, but through prayer and the prayer given to me by some of you, I was able to do more than I thought I was capable of.

I will be heading back to school in about a week, but it will be a new school, filled with new people and new opportunities. It is exciting, and exciting is good right now. I will be moving and extra 10-20 minutes west to live. I will be commuting to school by bike and everything...pretty going to be new. It is not going to be easy to start out with, but I have been fine in these situations before--I just can't forget that I need God.

Through it all, you guys have been my rock. Friends. Without them, I would be close to nothing. So thanks to you all. Those who read, those who pray, those who keep in touch. Until next time. Peace. EP


Anonymous said...

God seriously moved the entire camp this summer. Moving on from that is a tough thing. If we don't see the future as exciting (which you do! :D), it won't be. We won't allow ourselves to accept that God will do more.

Thanks to you for being such an inspiration this summer. I always said you are a beautiful man, not just because of your face, but because of your life as well.

-Your pirate brother!

They call me Red said...

Dude, you totally rock as a man, and you have the joy of the Lord in everything that you do. You inspired me to keep the happiness flowing. You are a beautiful man as well, and never let up on that. Thanks for the love and see you around. Captain RedBeard.